Fixing your brickwork before the weather turns

Regardless of how good a job the person building your structure did, over time materials deteriorate due to age and the weather. At Churchill Concrete Technology Ltd, we can help with our brick and masonry repairs. We will make your walls durable once again.

Cold weather can expand cracks

As winter begins to set in, it’s important you address any cracks now. This is because water expands when it freezes. As a result it can cause further damage to materials. If it gets particularly bad it can leave replacement as the only option.

Our team has years of experience giving people high quality replacements and repairs, striving to match the original work. We believe our workmanship should be high quality to better your structure, and also needs to look professional.

Keep on top of maintenance

Regular checks for damage can be beneficial. Inspect all your outer walls, looking for any damage to the brickwork or mortar. If you notice any, contact us immediately for a fast response. When damage occurs, it is vital you seek help before it worsens. If you don’t, it can lead to serious issues such as walls collapsing.

Boundary walls such as those around your driveway also need checking. They are often ignored because they’re not as important as looking after the structural integrity of your building. Although this is true, there is a higher chance of these smaller walls collapsing. Also, having walls that look great improves the overall aesthetics of your building, giving passers-by a good impression.

Mortar mix is very important. If it isn’t correct it could result in premature cracking and affect stability. We understand this, and you can have comfort knowing we will always get it right. Our team also use specialist tools to bring your building back to it’s former glory.

We take on both minor and extensive brick and masonry repairs. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you. Churchill Concrete Technology Ltd works with all kinds of clients and delivers consistent results.