From surveying to strengthening

Concrete is known for its toughness and robust strength, but this does not mean it remains durable forever. Even the most expertly designed and built concrete structures, be they roads, buildings or bridges, require monitoring for signs of weaknesses and faults which can develop through general wear and tear and exposure to adverse weather conditions. To ensure that the integrity of a structure is not undermined, it is important to schedule regular surveying and testing of the concrete it is constructed from.

Here at Churchill Concrete Technology we are proud of our reputation for delivering complete and efficient test and survey results. We also provide the most trusted repair and restoration services the UK has to offer, including joint sealing and waterproofing and applying sprayed concrete to a range of surfaces.

Problems with concrete structures are not always obvious or even visible. In fact, surface damage is rarely a matter for great concern, as this is usually superficial and signs of wear and tear from general use. It is the concrete behind the surface which needs to be monitored and checked on a regularly scheduled basis. If left unchecked or untested, serious problems could start to set in.

Our carbonation and chlorine testing allows us to obtain accurate information regarding the condition of concrete in low to no visibility areas of structures. We gain an insight into how the concrete and steel reinforcements are coping with the pressures placed on them, and can determine what repair or maintenance work should be carried out to ensure the structure remains secure and safe to use.

We view our in depth testing and surveying of your concrete as only the first part of our services. Our team of highly qualified technicians are capable of carrying out all forms of structural strengthening and concrete repair. Our record of successful, efficient work is visible in all forms of concrete structures across the UK, from railway bridges, residential buildings and even power stations.

When we repair a building, we don’t view our services as being a short term fix. Our work is carried out in a way that secures long term benefits, making sure that the structure can serve its purpose and withstand high levels of use. Our joint sealing and waterproofing and other work will give you total confidence in the safety, stability and security of your concrete structure.