Getting masonry back into top condition

Concrete blocks offer a world of opportunity when it comes to construction. This is due to the immense strength they possess. As a result, masonry is commonly used for buildings and retaining walls. There are in fact numerous benefits to using stones and bricks. Masonry as a method of construction has existed for centuries and has successfully endured. Masonry created Roman cities and Greek temples and many of those structures stand proud today.

Masonry is entirely cost-effective as it does not require painting. This spares you the expense of decorating materials and guarantees minimal maintenance.  Masonry offers superior resistance to fire, water and harsh weather conditions along with termites as without wood they have nothing to eat. Furthermore, masonry contributes to a reduction in mould and mildew between internal and external walls. Concrete blocks offer increased thermal benefits, as they store energy and enable your property to remain cool in the warmer months and warm throughout winter. By reducing energy bills, you ultimately reduce your utility bills.

Masonry is, of course, not invulnerable to ageing and damage and when brick and masonry repairs are required we provide an affordable and dependable service. Due to the power of its weight masonry needs to be built on a very strong foundation. If this is not the case then it is highly likely that cracking and setting will occur. Extremely cold temperatures can also have a detrimental effect on masonry. Frost in particular can result in major damage and subsequent decline.

If you are in need of brick and masonry repairs, you need the services of knowledgeable, skilled and experienced individuals. We carry out repairs to the highest possible standards and successfully restore stability to your structures.

We offer a whole host of services for brick and masonry repairs including brick stitching to stabilise cracks, repair of mortar joints and more. The location and level of exposure will always play a significant part in the lifespan of your concrete structures but you can expect longevity and durability from both masonry and brickwork. When they do require repair and attention we can carry out all necessary work and deliver a complete service.