How corrosion occurs in pre-stressed concrete tendons

For as long as we can remember, concrete has been our speciality. In addition to repairs and spraying projects, we also supply customers with a myriad of other services that focus on particular areas. Corrosion control is one of them, and just so happens to be one of our most important provisions. Ideal for giving materials the extra protection they need, this is something we recommend you look into.

Within pre-stressed constructs, the concrete is stressed beforehand under compression via steel tendons. Any secondary tension causes minor strains within the substance. Whenever pre-tensioning is utilised to pre-stress concrete, the medium encounters the tendons. In post-tensioned buildings, tendons are positioned in ducts that are topped up with organic merchandise like grease or wax, or cement gout. This means that if there’s any corrosion present, it may be due to the ducts being improperly filled.

It’s possible for pre-stressing tendons to undergo corrosion in one of two ways. Firstly, they can crack once they become tensioned, creating exposed steel. Secondly, standard procedures like rusting and dissolution can occur. In the case of the latter, fissures in the steel are launched at the foundation of compact hollows. When it comes to the former, fractures come about thanks to hydrogen embrittlement. This is primarily without perceptible rust or dissolution.

Once initiation has passed, ruptures develop slowly until the point where the tension breaks. Life spans are determined on a series of influences like stress levels, environment types, and steel grades. Therefore, after the proper tests have been done, only the most sound of tendons are selected for tangible structures.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we have distinct measures in place for every situation. Corrosion control is a somewhat complicated process, because certain methods that work in one instance won’t be practical for another. Despite this, we will work to find the perfect solution for each situation.

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