Is corrosion control of concrete reinforcement bars required?

The goal at Churchill CT has always been to supply clients with long-term structural refurbishment and concrete repair services. To ensure that we get the best possible results from our efforts, we tailor the work that we do so that it does a better job of matching your specific requirements. Corrosion control is something we are particularly skilled at, with our team having a history of employing effective treatments that do wonders for concrete constructs.

If you intend to halt the harm and failure of a concrete structure, there must be a decent level of corrosion control present in its steel reinforcements. A staggering 40% of all concrete building failures are caused by the corrosion of the embedded steel augmentations. There are all sorts of reasons as to why such situations come about. More often than not however, the fault lies with the quality of the environment, the construction practices, and the material itself.

Therefore, the first step when it comes to rebar management is to offer a great standard of concrete via suitable construction methods. The grade, placing and compaction techniques, mixing, and excellent workmanship can assist you in reducing the likelihood of the rebar corroding. Even though quality regulation during construction can lower the likelihood of rusting too, there’s a wide variety of procedures that can help you achieve corrosion control in the reinforcement bars.

Cement polymer coated rebar tend to be surrounded by alkaline mediums. As such, the coating becomes more compatible with reinforcement corrosion supervision. The process behind this is that the rebar’s base metal includes pi electrons that are readily introduced to corrosive territories. This leads to iron oxidation and the creation of iron oxide as the primary obstacle. To stop the oxidation, surface coatings that can nullify the electrons are used.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, to determine the most prudent course of action, we first consider the characteristics of the materials we’re working with. Not all forms of concrete are the same, and so different approaches must be used for each scenario. Fortunately we have the skills and experience to determine which will provide the best results, thereby maximising corrosion control.

If what you need is a hasty and direct solution, we’re the people to trust.