Is your building ready for winter?

Over time, brickwork and masonry will inevitably experience wear and tear because of their exposure to the elements. These materials are durable but will not last forever without care and maintenance, particularly mortar. To keep your property well sealed and structurally sound you’ll need to repair it periodically.

With the arrival of autumn, now is a great time to check and ensure there is no damage to the mortar on your property and any boundary walls. If there are cracks or worn parts, you should have them repaired quickly before the temperatures drop further. If these kinds of problems are ignored, winter may have an adverse effect on the structure as any moisture that gets into the cracks can freeze, expand and cause further damage.

It is also advisable to check all of the brickwork on your property, taking extra care to focus on areas that are highly exposed such as chimneys. If you have exposed brickwork inside the building, such as around a fireplace, make sure you check this as fluctuating internal temperatures can cause wear and tear too.

If you find any cracks or damaged mortar you need to have it replaced professionally. Getting the right mortar mix and ensuring it is applied properly is very important, and at Churchill Concrete Technology we have a great deal of experience providing brick and masonry repairs. We are a leader in our field and have worked on a wide range of projects, serving all kinds of blue chip companies in the process. We strive to offer a professional service at all times and will ensure that properties are well protected against the elements.

We are proud to serve across the UK and take on both large and small projects. If you would like advice about inspecting your property or want to arrange a professional service please contact us and we will be happy to help.