Keeping concrete structures strong

Concrete can deteriorate for a number of reasons, the primary reason being the corrosion of the internal metal structures leading to corrosion of the surrounding concrete. When concrete corrodes, it leaves a structure very vulnerable to damage and could put the building at a lot of risk. In order to combat against concrete corrosion, and specifically corrosion of the interior metal structures, we use a number of corrosion control measures, as well as providing services such as brick and masonry repairs to keep the entire structure in good condition.

One of the primary methods of combating corrosion is the use of galvanic anodes. Generally made of magnesium, zinc or aluminium, they are mostly used for areas close to or partially submerged/submerged structures within the sea. When they are installed in concrete structures, the anode will succumb to corrosion first, rather than the surrounding metal structures. This, in turn, means that the surrounding concrete won’t be affected by corroding internal structures. Where salt water or a harsh atmosphere close to the ocean might prove a threat to underlying metal structures in concrete, a galvanic anode can protect it.

Hybrid anodes are also used for corrosion repair. Developed specifically for use in concrete structures, it is used as both an impressed current and a galvanic anode. This helps to re-passivate corroding steel, inhibiting corrosion and preventing the steel from becoming too worn or damaged. The galvanic current means that no maintenance is needed and that the anode is constantly working to protect the underlying steel structure. They can last for several decades, depending on surrounding environment conditions, and are available in a variety of sizes designed to suit the structure. We also offer corrosion control monitoring systems, ensuring that you can keep a close eye on any corrosion that may be occurring within the structure.

Our team pride themselves on offering a variety of skilled and professional services, including corrosion control and brick and masonry repairs, and you can be assured that we only provide services of the highest possible quality for all of our customers. However large the structure or the task at hand is, our customers can be fully assured that our years of expertise, our highly qualified staff and our professional equipment on hand will allow us to complete all of our jobs to the highest possible quality.