Looking after concrete surfaces

Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials in the world because it can flow and then set into a wide range of shapes. It is relatively easy to work with, the only major difficulty being getting the mix right. You also need to ensure the surface of the concrete is properly prepared, whether you plan on building on top of it or leaving it exposed to the elements. There are several ways to treat and prepare surfaces to suit various needs.

Sandblasting is probably the most common type of concrete surface preparation. It is regularly used to clean up, smooth down or add texturing to surfaces as well as being able to cut through the material if necessary. Modern equipment lets practitioners determine the exact depth they want so they can provide shallow surface cleans, slight texturing or coarser finishes.

If you want to clean up concrete but need a cleaner, gentler solution than sandblasting you can opt for high pressure washing. The process won’t be nearly as messy as blasting because it uses water alone rather than a coarse medium. It also doesn’t cut as deeply into the concrete unless you use really high pressure equipment. Certain types of stains will be difficult to remove with this technique, including things like oil and some chemicals; these will all require specialist removal.

Over time a concrete surface can start to develop mould and fungal growths, particularly if you haven’t kept them clean and dry. To freshen up the surfaces you’ll have to wipe them down and use a fungicide to protect them. Fungicidal cleaning is relatively simple but you’ll need to make sure you use the right products to achieve the best results.

Preparing concrete surfaces and carrying out concrete repair requires precision and care to get the job done to the highest standard. It is likely you’ll need to hire a specialist to help you because the equipment and cleaning products could be hazardous when not used properly. If you want to ensure the job is done well and completed properly, you can call on our team of skilled experts at any time. We are UK based specialists with an immense wealth of experience and regularly work with a wide variety of clients on many different concrete repair, maintenance and preparation tasks.