Maintaining stability in concrete structures

Over time concrete structures will start to show signs of wear because surfaces are exposed to the elements and changing temperatures. Water is one of the biggest issues because it causes erosion and weakens the material over time. Abrasion from the wind and the small particles of debris it carries also causes damage. Badly laid concrete can even have small cavities that compromise the integrity of the surface, creating flaws that lead to higher wear.

Damaged concrete looks unsightly but can also have a more serious bearing on the structural integrity of the property. As the material weakens it can lead to widespread cracks and faults. In some cases the structural steels embedded in the concrete can be exposed, causing these to erode and wear away too. Ensuring concrete is laid property and repairing it as soon as a fault is found are essential if you want to keep your property structurally sound and looking its best.

Repairing concrete takes a great deal of precision, especially if the existing material is damaged badly. It can be difficult to determine the extent of the weakening simply by looking at the surfaces. Surface cracks are easy to spot but deeper lying ones and cavities can be missed. In most cases you’ll need to remove all of the damaged concrete first before relaying it. Simply covering up a crack is unlikely to fix the problem and you will find it difficult to get a smooth even finish.

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Concrete repairs and structural strengthening are our main areas of focus. We can survey any kind of property, determine the condition and devise the perfect strategy for restoring it. Damaged and worn concrete can be removed efficiently without damaging the structural steels. New materials are then added either by spraying or by hand depending on the setting. We can work on walls, floors, ceilings and practically any other area.