Only Use Specialist Concrete Repair Products

Concrete repair works should only be undertaken by skilled, trained and experienced operatives, who only use specialist concrete repair products.

There is a myriad of specialist products that are commonly used in connection with concrete repair works. The key to achieving long-lasting economic repair solutions is ensuring that the correct specialist concrete repair product is selected.

Concrete Repair Product Categories

It is the case that professional concrete repair products are generally found to be grouped into the following categories:

  • Specialist pre-bagged mortars and protective coatings
  • Specialist resins, liquids and chemicals
  • Hydrophobic barriers and membranes
  • Specialist anchors, ties and grouts
  • Joints sealants, fillers and bonding materials

How can Churchill Concrete Technology Help?

Here at Churchill Concrete Technology we only use specialist concrete repair products. We have long, established relationships with all the major leading specialist material manufacturers including Sika, Fosroc, Weber, and BASF. These products, combined with our up-to-date knowledge and in-house technical expertise, will ensure the success of your project. After all, Churchill is in the ideal position to provide all our clients with the best possible advice on the most appropriate concrete repair product selection.

Over the years, advances in the technology used in connection with the manufacturing processes of professional concrete repair products have meant that the range, choice and selection of the most appropriate concrete repair product to select can be a technically demanding task.

Whether the repair solution is traditional high build concrete repair, corrosion protection and control systems, waterproofing and leak sealing, surface preparation and specialist protective coatings, high volume free flow sprayed concrete repairs or structural strengthening, the expert team at Churchill Concrete Technology is here to help and waiting to hear from you.