Pay attention to new concrete conditions

Our company is one that dedicates itself to providing customers with cost effective and long lasting concrete repair solutions. Experienced in surface preparation, in addition to a myriad of other areas, we see to it that your property’s structural integrity is the best it can be. Being a flexible establishment, we can tailor our services so that they match your distinct requirements.

Whilst working on a concrete surface, it’s wise to be aware of the conditions of the new materials. Failure to do so can result in some rather disastrous consequences.

A new concrete surface is always frail, even if you’re using a high strength variant. The reason why is that the curing procedure and troweling techniques motivate the lighter elements like water and surplus Portland cement to rise up to the surface. Once the cement sets, it is known as laitance, which is present to a depth of about 1/16-inch. It’s generally incredibly brittle and fragile. Unless steps are taken to remove the laitance layer, any stress introduced to it when you use the floor shall most likely lead to degradation, as well as the dispersion of any coatings that have been applied.

Curing compounds tend to be sprayed onto new wet concrete so they can function as membranes. These delay the water evaporation process while your concrete is curing. The compounds lower the concrete’s hasty volume change and shrinkage too as a result. They are normally resin or wax based and leave a near invisible film on the cured material’s surface. This stops the correct adhesion of coatings to your concrete’s substrates. If you see no other alternative but to use them, remove the curing compounds prior to any additional surface preparation or coating application.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we have built a reputation for supplying clients with first class surface preparation services. No matter what it is that surfaces needs, be it shot blasting, grinding, or sanding, we will be able to get it into tiptop shape. Should you require our assistance, just give us a call.