Preparing concrete for waterproofing

Our goal is to supply clients with solutions to their concrete based issues that are not only long lasting, but also cost effective. Despite its nature, concrete can and will wear out if you don’t protect it properly, especially against the likes of water. It is for this reason why we operate a joint sealing and waterproofing service, something you may wish to consider investing in if you’re concerned about the state of your own materials.

If you intend to construct a concrete foundation, or if more expansive sections of your property are comprised of the substance, you’ll want to think about waterproofing. Saying this, a genuine concrete house is likely to be more water resistant than other typical buildings in the first place, with only the door and window openings, joints, and cracks requiring attention. To get you started in your waterproofing endeavours, we’ve prepared some advice for you below.

Core-formed concrete, ICF wall construction, and precast concrete panels are generally more water-repellent than the majority of other construction strategies. What this means is that they won’t need that much additional scrutiny. However, the outer walls of pre-fabricated concrete tend to be coated more for aesthetic reasons and not waterproofing. If you are worried about your own premises, call us for advice, as we may only have to seal up a few joints and nothing more.

If you opt to go ahead with waterproofing, almost any approach you utilise will demand that your walls be in good condition. This means that you may have to do some caulking to fill in big cracks and expansion joints. You may also have to do some patching to fill in the joints and a bit of grinding to smoothen out uneven and rough concrete.

At Churchill CT, we firmly understand the risks of untreated concrete, which is why we encourage everyone to invest in professional services such as ours. We will get to know the environment and the specifics of the structure in question, ensuring we deliver an excellent service.

If you are ever in need of joint sealing and waterproofing for concrete, please contact us.