Preventing frost damaged brick

The United Kingdom’s chilly winters always bring the possibility for frost damaged bricks, especially if they are not prepared for winter with protective coatings. Damage to brickwork from frosty weather can result in spalling, and would require repairs immediately. Otherwise, not tending to the damage can lead to an unstable structure.

Heavy frosts and cold snaps can cause concrete paths, roads and pavements to crack. Brick is also prone to the problem due to it being a porous material. Therefore, any moisture that becomes trapped in the bricks will create more serious problems.

Although bricks are extremely durable, over time they can break down. The main reason for this is water; however the impact of moisture can differ depending on the time of the year. During the warm months, water being present in bricks isn’t generally a problem as it can easily evaporate out. During the winter low temperatures mean there is good potential it will freeze and expand. This eventually leads to the brickwork crumbling away.

The good news is that there are a few preventative measures against frost damaged bricks. Firstly, make sure your drainage system is working correctly. Your guttering should be leading water away from your home effectively. This way there is less potential of it running down the surface. The same applies for the pipe work on your home.

In addition you can use protective coatings that will improve water resistance. These come in many different forms and can be a cost effective way to protect your brickwork. In addition there are coating options that can increase aesthetics too.

Knowing when to seek a professional is vital to keep any costs down. So make sure you regularly look over brickwork, looking out for stained or discoloured bricks.

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