Protect joints and corners of concrete structures

Concrete is one of the most versatile and robust building materials in the world. It has thousands of uses, and is flexible enough to meet a wide range of requirements. The only downside is that over time it may be worn away, particularly when it is regularly exposed to water and chemicals. Joints and corners are the most susceptible because they are slightly weaker and more exposed. Protecting them is very important if you want to protect the integrity of the property and keep it looking its best. If left untreated, the concrete can be worn away and expose the structural steels underneath.

There have been amazing advances in concrete technology in recent years, particularly with people looking for more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of using it. There are also many great protective products available now to help protect concrete joints and corners. There are ones that improve waterproofing, as well as those that create chemical barriers that will protect the materials beneath them.

With concrete you need to get the joint sealing and waterproofing exactly right or you can find materials are getting worn away very quickly. In order to do this you must have a full understanding of the structure, the location and the kind of stresses the surfaces will be exposed to. This information will help you to determine what level of protection you need and how closely you will have to monitor the condition.

We can provide professional help with sealing concrete joints or corners, whether it is an internal or external setting. We take a careful approach to projects and gather as much information as possible so we can determine the best course of action. In all cases, we strive to deliver a long term solution that will keep your property safe and protected from erosion and more serious problems.

Our experience with concrete means we can provide joint sealing and waterproofing in almost any setting. We also provide repair and structural strengthening services if you have left it too late to treat the issue. Clients can rely on us to offer the highest standard of service in everything we do.