Protecting the brickwork and masonry of properties

Over time, brickwork and masonry is subjected to many different weather conditions, each of which can cause wear and damage the structure. Keeping an eye on the condition of the property is very important, especially during exceptionally wet or cold periods or times when temperatures are fluctuating significantly. Here are some tips to protect your bricks and masonry; they’ll help you to keep your property secure and protected from the elements.

Firstly you need to keep up to date with property maintenance, particularly in terms of making sure that gutters are properly cleaned and functioning. This will help to prevent water from flowing down walls and seeping into brickwork, both of which cause erosion. You must make sure to keep gutters clear of debris and make sure they are not cracked, split or damaged as this can allow water to spill down the property rather than safely into drains.

Next you need to repair bricks and masonry at the first signs of cracks. This is very important because moisture will seep into these places and expand when it gets cold, widening the crack and making the situation worse. The right type of mortar needs to be used during repairs so that it allows damp to circulate and clear up. We specialise in masonry repair and concrete spraying in the Channel Islands, and can provide all the repair services you need for your structures.

A third thing to do is keep an eye out for subsidence and treat this as soon as you see any signs. It can be caused by any number of things including tree roots, dry weather and a lack of moisture, waterlogged surfaces or as a result of softer layers of rock breaking down. A subsiding property will show cracks, typically above windows and doors. When you see signs you’ll need to get a survey of the building and site done to determine the cause and course of action to correct the problem. This should be arranged quickly so the problem can be rectified before the integrity of the building is affected.

Brick and masonry repairs will be required from time to time, particularly if there were any flaws in the original materials. Our highly trained specialists use a variety of techniques including concrete spraying in the Channel Islands to make sure structures are strong, sturdy and protected against the elements.