Protective coatings and surface preparation go hand in hand

Concrete is a substance that is a little more complex than people give it credit for. Before any kind of general use or building work occurs with the material, surface preparation is something that is required first. This is particularly true if protective coatings are being used. As a company with one of the finest reputations in the country for this variety of work, our results are always of top quality.

It doesn’t matter what kind of coating or overlay work it is that we happen to be performing, the one constant within our industry is the requirement for excellent surface preparation. This is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of a project and it’s vital to performance in the long-term. The trends that are associated with this practice are less about original processes and veer more towards actually performing the preparation correctly.

For years now, contractors have been listening to how critical it is to prepare before adding protective coatings or other overlays. This is beginning to resonate within the entire industry. The effects of improper preparation have been examined thoroughly and no professional wishes to go back to when constant failures were a thing. This saw much higher costs as replacements were required more frequently.

The one thing that has been noted time and time again is that materials bond much better to a concrete surface that has been properly prepared. This preparation should include everything from cleaning off contaminants such as oil and dirt to repairing cracks. Care should be taken to ensure that the whole surface is prepared, leaving no patches where failures could occur when protective coatings or overlays are added.

At Churchill Concrete Technology something we always remember is that two factors must be considered when making plans for the surface preparation. If adequate understanding of the concrete’s current state and its intended use isn’t present, then long-term sustainability cannot be guaranteed. If you are in need of our services, please do get in touch.