Providing structural refurbishment services

We are a highly experienced team of contractors that have vast experience in all areas of concrete repair, survey and structural refurbishment. We are equipped to take on even the most complex repair and refurbishment projects, and dedicate ourselves to finding the right solution. There are many factors that contribute to the degradation of concrete; a full inspection must be carried out to discover the cause of the deterioration as there are various techniques that we apply for fixing concrete structures, including the use of sprayed concrete. The basic aim of repair is to prevent further degradation and the cause of the initial damage will determine the method selected.

Cracks can appear in all areas including patios, driveways and around the foundation of buildings. We provide every kind of solution to every individual issue. We offer all forms of cosmetic and fully load-bearing repair, reinstatement of high performance concrete, and localised patch repairs. We also offer flowing concrete, sprayed concrete and mortar repairs. Concrete corrosion begins when aggressive elements penetrate the concrete but we provide an effective monitoring system and various other services that deliver complete corrosion control.

The structural strengthening of concrete is achieved through various techniques. The aim is typically to increase the weight the surface can hold or the performance. We provide every form of structural strengthening and upon completion of a thorough inspection we will apply the appropriate method to restore structural integrity. The strengthening of structures usually involves the addition of high strength concrete, fibre reinforced fabrics or carbon fibre reinforced polymer plates.

Our comprehensive surveys include concrete core removal, half cell potential testing and full visual inspections. Our entire body of services is underpinned by a vast amount of experience that ensures our capabilities and worth. We assist everybody with the appropriate support to locate the perfect solution for every individual project.