Providing structural strengthening

For a number of reasons, a structure may need to undergo structural strengthening in its lifetime. It may have trouble standing up to harsh weather, or it may have suffered damage which means it needs to be repaired and upgraded. However, many buildings are simply affected by age and need to be strengthened for the future. When it comes to structural strengthening, a number of methods can be used to strengthen a structure, including protective coatings, structural reinforcing and much more.

There are a number of products and techniques being used in order to suitably strengthen structures. One of these is fibre reinforced fabrics. These can be made out of any high strength material, though they are most commonly made out of carbon fibre which is incredibly strong and durable. Fibre reinforced fabrics may be used with reinforced concrete beams in order to boost the strength of the structure. Used alongside reinforced and strengthened concrete, it can provide extra stability, most importantly for the key beams used in creating the actual structure itself. Carbon fibre reinforced polymer plates are also used to strengthen internal beams and provide much better and stronger support for the weight of the building.

One of the foremost products used in structural strengthening is high strength concrete. High strength concrete is different to ordinary concrete in that it has a much higher compressive strength. Essentially, high strength concrete is simply concrete with additional aggregates, such as crushed rock aggregates, in order to give it extra strength. High strength concrete offers excellent load bearing capabilities with reduced weight, as well as a reduced need for material. This means that you can use less of it than ordinary concrete and still end up with a much stronger structure and one that, potentially, costs less.

Whether repairing structures, applying protective coatings or getting involved in construction, we are highly experienced in all technical and commercial aspects of construction, ensuring that we can thoroughly handle any project that is required of us. No matter what project you need completing, we will be on hand providing expert help and advice, ensuring that whatever strengthening solution you require, it will be delivered.