Reinforced concrete needs corrosion control

Embedded steelwork is used to provide stability to concrete. The combination of materials, known as reinforced concrete, ensures the structure has the right characteristics and will be sound. It is a relatively simple process but provides great results. The technique is widely used, including in high-stress environments such as those with high wind loading or risk of earthquakes.

Alone concrete is a durable material with good compressive strength that can last for a long time. What it does lack though is tensile strength as it expands and retracts depending on the temperature. This can result in big problems if there are no other materials to reinforce the structure. Steel ticks the box perfectly and is highly cost effective.

The problem with embedding steel is corrosion. The steelwork can be corroded away rather quickly due to the moisture and salts present in concrete. As this progresses the strength will diminish, eventually leaving the structure vulnerable to failure.

The best thing to do is install corrosion control to protect the steel. There are several ways to achieve this including using sacrificial anodes made from a more reactive material. These will attract the moisture and salts, corroding in place of the steelwork.

In addition to the above you can put a monitoring system in place that will allow you to take action to reduce the risk of corrosion and wear. It is really good to be proactive, especially when seasons change and the weather can take a dramatic turn. These are the periods when concrete experiences the highest wear.

At Churchill Concrete Technology we have a lot of experience with reinforced concrete and corrosion control. We have worked on a myriad of structures in the past, providing reliable solutions to the problem. Our team are highly skilled and can tackle any problems they face.

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