Relative humidity is preferred when testing lightweight concrete

Despite concrete’s robust nature, you can’t simply put it somewhere and expect the material to do its job forever. Instead, you must first examine it to check whether everything meets the desired specifications, or if any adjustments are necessary. Widely respected for our survey and testing services, our company is the one you need to call if there are any doubts about the condition of any concrete on your property.

For the majority of lightweight concrete applications, two accepted standards of moisture testing in particular stand out. These are relative humidity and calcium chloride tests. However, during 2010, the ASTM committee altered the F1869 Calcium Chloride Standard. The specifics of this amendment were that calcium chloride checks were blackballed for every lightweight variant after it was discovered that the test results weren’t reliable. RH is the only one that has proven to be an appropriate means of examination when it comes to this type of concrete.

Research performed on concrete’s drying action led to a better understanding of the material. Importantly the measurement of the moisture content at 40% of the current depth of a slab is useful. This can provide a very accurate idea of what the slab’s content would be if it was sealed via finishing products or a flooring application at that point. The resulting inspection became known as RH testing.

This type of test involves putting a sensor within the concrete inside an opening drilled at 40% of the depth. If enough time is permitted for equilibration, the figures shall offer a truthful indicator of the slab’s moisture content for both lightweight and regular concrete.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, because of our investments into advanced survey and testing equipment, we can supply clients with the most accurate of results. After completing the primary phase, we will present you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings. The information can be used to determine if an additional service is needed.

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