Remember to enforce your floors

Concrete is used in buildings all over the world and has become firmly established as a leading construction material. Despite its endurance, it is susceptible to wear and tear just like everything else. However, one of our specialities comes in the form of protective coatings. With a coating in place, concrete can stand up to harsh conditions much better, prolonging its lifespan and resulting in a reduction in repair costs.

Over the past few decades, concrete floor protection has evolved substantially. Traditionally the material itself was laid and little effort was made to protect it further. Now there is an array of coating options to choose from.

The main purpose of the protective coatings for floors is to prevent contamination and deterioration. Additionally, a myriad of other beneficial properties come about as the result of protecting the material, such as physical performances and chemical resistance.

A lot of the time, when people think about concrete protection, they focus on the main structure of their building. The fact of the matter is though, that floors are the one surface which takes more of a beating than any other, regardless of the industry.

Floors encounter practically every kind of abuse, from impacts to thermal shocks. Concrete floors aren’t designed to stand up to continued injury and so they require some extra assistance in the form of protective coatings.

Depending on the conditions that are present in your building, a different variety of protection will be required. For example, you need to determine the chemical exposure, impacts, or abrasion the floor will experience during the course of a day. Afterwards, you can choose a coating that best suits your needs.

At Churchill Concrete Technology we have anti-carbonation, structural steel, decorative and chloride resistant coatings available. One coating won’t fit every situation, so inform us of your requirements and we’ll advise on what choice is best. If you have any questions that you’d like answered, we’d be more than happy to help you.