Repairs for brick structures and masonry

Over time, brickwork and masonry becomes damaged, whether as a result of harsh weather, long-term exposure to the elements, or even purposeful vandalism. When damage occurs, it is imperative that a repair is carried out, or else the damage could overwhelm the structure and cause even more damage or an actual collapse. We offer professional brick and masonry repairs for our customers, as well as sprayed concrete repairs and a variety of other services.

Brick stitching is one of the methods we use to repair bricks. Cracks are common in brickwork, especially in the mortar which bonds them together. Over time and with constant exposure to harsh weather, the layer of mortar can wear away, leading to a large crack which separates one segment of brick from another. This is definitely something that needs repairing as swiftly as possible or else there is a risk of the cracked area pulling away from the building and causing catastrophic damage. We use stitching equipment, such as bars and fibres, to bind the bricks together, which are then coated in grout or mortar to bind together the brickwork efficiently. Pressure pointing is used as a means of strengthening and repairing masonry and brickwork, usually at depths that could not normally be reached by conventional equipment.

Wall ties are generally used in cavity walls as a means of joining both sides together. Spanning the entire cavity and linking the internal and external walls together, they need to be kept as well maintained as possible as their failure could lead to a wall collapsing. Stainless steel ties are the most widely used as they are relatively strong and resistant to corrosion, though they still need checking and replacing if there is ever a risk of failure. Anchors for brick and masonry can also be used to stabilise damaged structures. Usually in the form of sock anchors, they are useful for preventing unstable structures from collapsing or damaging themselves further.

We are a family owned business that has a lot of pride in the services that we offer all of our customers. We offer a service that is tailored to our customers and that is designed to fix their brickwork and masonry as comprehensively as possible. We can handle projects of any size and, regardless of the property, we will lend our expertise to the task at hand and complete it as quickly as possible. From advice to providing solutions, you can be assured that our services are second to none when it comes to brick and masonry repairs, sprayed concrete, structural strengthening and a host of other services.