Restoring and repairing structures

Masonry is typically used for the construction of buildings and interior walls, and it offers numerous benefits. Concrete blocks have substantial compressive strength and their use helps to contribute to a building’s thermal properties and resistance to fire. Masonry proves to be cost-effective as it does not need to be treated aesthetically. This eliminates the time and expense of repeated coats of paint over the years, along with ensuring a consistent appearance. Furthermore, it is non-flammable and can withstand the impact caused by debris from severe storms and hurricanes.

Masonry can of course become vulnerable to the effects of time. Due to the power of its weight, it is extremely important to ensure that masonry is built on a considerably strong foundation. If structures are built on an inadequate base, the inevitable results are setting and cracking. Additionally, masonry can lose structural strength and become damaged by extreme weather conditions.

Our service focuses on delivering long term solutions to our clients. We specialise in structural refurbishment, surface preparation and concrete repairs and we provide a  dependable and cost-efficient service. We approach each task professionally and our team is made up of multi skilled professionals with the capabilities of completing every aspect of concrete repair.

Our brick and masonry repairs are thorough and executed to the highest standards possible. Any existing wall cracks can be stabilised with efficient brick stitching and any mortar joints can easily be repaired. If poor materials are used in the initial construction of masonry, it can affect the lifespan of the structure, and repairs will typically be needed. We can carry out all required work including repointing and pressure pointing. External and internal walls are connected by wall ties that can be damaged when a structure is penetrated by water. We can carry out complete wall tie repair and secure all wall anchors.

Aside from high quality brick and masonry repairs we offer a full range of services including surface preparation, structural strengthening, corrosion control, the application of protective coatings and more. Our services and workmanship are underpinned by many years experience and our determination to deliver excellent customer care. Our services are available throughout the UK, Eire and the Channel Islands and we are proficient in all areas including chemical, mining, water, rail, airports, structures and many more. Contact us and see how we can help you with every aspect of structural reinforcement and repair.