Restoring strength and stability

We have a multi skilled and highly experienced workforce with a wealth of experience in concrete repair and structural strengthening. As a family operated business, we are primarily concerned with providing a satisfactory and honest service. Specialised tasks must be approached proficiently, and we assure our customers we are fully capable of carrying out every repair, from corrosion control to applying sprayed concrete.

Buildings are not invulnerable to the passing of time. Natural deterioration is common, and calls for the highest standard of structural strengthening. When buildings lose capacity restoration needs to be competently carried out. There are several contributing factors to structural deterioration such as alterations to a building’s function and insufficient initial construction.

Concrete degradation can be caused by many factors. When issues occur or damage is done, time results in an escalation of the effects and the integrity of the structure begins to suffer. Seawater, fire, corrosion and physical and chemical damage can all impact negatively on a structure. When this occurs it is important to apply appropriate strengthening and corrosion control measures. The particular technique used will always depend on the precise cause of the problem.

When it comes to strengthening in the construction industry it is important to use high quality and high strength concrete. The aim of the concrete is to provide additional rigidity to the building and reinstate its stability. In addition we supply the highest standard of carbon fibre reinforced polymer plates and fibre reinforced fabrics. The fabrics are used to strengthen internal supportive building features such as beams and columns.

We can help our customers with an outstanding structural repair service as well as an array of other services relating to corrosion control, repairing cracks and damage, and making sure concrete structures remain strong and stable. We regularly supply our services to various areas of industry from highways and railways to chemical and mining, offering a safe, long term, cost-efficient service to our clients.