Restoring the exterior of your property

Exposure to the elements, chemical reactions to air pollutants, moisture variations in walls, and physical stresses on buildings can all result in damage which needs to be swiftly rectified. Whatever has caused the problem, cracked or damaged concrete, masonry and bricks need to be fixed quickly if you want to protect the structural integrity of the building. As well as the practical and safety issues, there are also the aesthetics to keep in mind; damaged facades are certainly not going to create the impression you want. Our concrete repair service will ensure your building is not only safe and secure, but also that it continues to look its very best and create a good impression for your clients or visitors.

Cracks in masonry and brickwork usually fall into one of three categories; they can either be active (continuing to expand), passive (no longer increasing) or cyclic (those that change seasonally when the weather does). Determining what type each one is can be tricky and could require you to monitor the situation for a length of time. Whatever the type of crack, you should not wait too long to start fixing the problem; get in touch with our concrete repair team as soon as possible and we will be able to provide a fast solution.

A survey may be needed to determine the extent of the damage before the repair can be completed. There may be visible surface cracks but you may also have smaller underlying ones too that could become problematic in the future. The survey will help to determine the structural strength of the property and the steps we need to take to repair it.

Repairing cracks requires precision and patience. There are several techniques we can use including using bed joint reinforcement rods and fresh mortar. We’ll always choose the right type of mortar for the wall and ensure the crack is completely filled. If it is possible and safe to do so, we will also make sure to remove any crumbling mortar before replacing it so the new material can form a proper bond.

We can provide a full range of services relating to brick, masonry and concrete repair and have the skills to work on even the largest industrial properties. If you are worried about cracks or damaged external or internal surfaces, we can offer the perfect solution.