Concrete Repair

Concrete is a popular highly durable versatile and robust building material that is used extensively throughout […]

Leak Sealing to Concrete Structures

typically, concrete tunnels,underground basements, storage silos, lift pits and manholes can suffer from ground water leakage by injecting […]

Brick & Masonry Repairs

Churchill Concrete Technology have extensive expertise on working on listed building and brickwork facades. […]

Survey & Testing

Here at Churchill Concrete Technology our team of friendly engineers and technicians can quickly and expertly carry out an […]

Sprayed Concrete

Sprayed concrete is a technique of placing concrete or mortar through a hose at high velocity using pneumatic air pressure […]

Surface Preparation

Correct surface preparation is fundamental to achieving immediate and long-term successful performance of a concrete repair […]

Corrosion Control

The control of corrosion in reinforced concrete is an important aspect in conducting a successfullong-lasting concrete repair […]

Protective Coatings

Despite the tough and durable nature of it, concrete remains susceptible to damage caused through atmospheric and environmental conditions […]

Structural Strengthening

With the ever-changing world in which we now live the use of a building or structure may change throughout the course of its designed service life […]