Concrete Repair

under-bridgeConcrete is a popular highly durable versatile and robust building material that is used extensively throughout the built environment but as with any man-made product can be severely weakened through a combination of poor manufacture, poor maintenance and or aggressive environmental conditions.

Damaged concrete surfaces can on their own be a cause for concern but loose delaminated, cracked or spalled concrete can if left untreated often lead to more serious longer-term structural damage.

The repair and protection of damaged concrete structures requires expert attention in order to restore the concrete surfaces back to their original quality.

At Churchill we are able to undertake hand placed, sprayed or flowable concrete repair solutions and our aim when it comes to concrete repair is always to work to and through the goal of restoring your building or structure. This is to say that we do not look to provide a short-term repair, but rather look at ways in which we can achieve the greatest long-term levels of durability and strength for you as an integral part of our work.

Concrete is known for being a tough, sturdy and resilient material, but this does not mean that it lasts forever. Time and exposure to the elements of adverse weather conditions can severely affect any concrete construction, design flaws or inferior materials used during original construction can all effect its long-term durability. No matter what the cause of damage to a concrete build is, or how widespread the work maybe, Churchill Concrete Technology has the ability and capacity to ensure that a successful concrete repair is undertaken.

Over the years we have been entrusted to carry out concrete repair services on some of the most valuable, prestigious and well-known buildings found in the United Kingdom. We have, in every instance, repaid that trust with a world class level of service in the work we provide. To do this we always first establish all root causes of the problem, and then meticulously plan the best most effective solution that will deliver a long-term fix.

Further, we know the appearance of your building or structure is as important to you as ensuring the strength and stability of it. This is a factor which is incorporated into our planning, and we will always ensure that the finish we apply to any repair of concrete surfaces matches the original or existing appearance.

The techniques and technology that we are able to use to undertake successful concrete repair are recognised industry standards accredited and covered by British and European Standard BS EN 1504.

For a pictorial illustration of a typical concrete processes please see leading material manufactures concrete repair hand book here