Survey & Testing

Concrete Survey & Testing Services throughout the UK

Here at Churchill Concrete Technology our team of friendly engineers and technicians can quickly and expertly carry out an assessment of the condition of your concrete structure and offer advice and guidance on the most appropriate treatment that may be required.

Concrete surveys, including concrete sampling and concrete testing, are important when establishing the current condition of your concrete structure. Using the latest technology, we are able to carry out a full range of various non-destructive and destructive testing regimes, sample analysis, identification and diagnosis processes.

The early assessment of the condition of reinforced concrete within structures is essential and should be considered to be an important part of a structure’s whole life maintenance regime. These assessments test the durability and condition of reinforced concrete and depend on many factors including the carbonation depth, the chloride ion content, the exposure conditions and the quality of the original concrete. It is important to carry out these surveys as part of a maintenance programme. However, these surveys are also particularly important during property acquisition, as it is imperative that the condition and durability of the structural concrete are taken into account before purchase. These services will typically include detailed concrete surveys, concrete sampling and concrete testing.

Professional and accurate survey information will enable precise identification of the root cause of concrete deterioration enabling the asset holder to be best placed to make completely informed decisions about the next steps going forward.

For more information about our Concrete Survey and Testing Services please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation.