Leak Sealing to Concrete Structures

Leak sealing to concrete structures can ensure the longevity of your structure. Typically, concrete tunnels, underground basements, storage silos, lift pits and manholes suffer from groundwater leakage. This can be repaired by injecting hydrophobic and hydrophilic PU and Acrylic resin grouts into cracked or leaking structures. This forms a permanent long-life seal and prevents further groundwater seepage.

Resins are injected directly into the voids and sources of water leaks to form a flexible resin plug. Resin grouts are very low in viscosity and accordingly penetrate into the pore structure of cracks and micro-cracks.

Fast and slow leaks can be stopped quickly using hydrophobic foam which will react with water creating a water phobic barrier.

Through penetration, the resin mixes into the water source. Trapped water within the leaking structure is then forced out and replaced by viscous resins. The hydrophilic resin will absorb water and form a gel-like substance that stays within the pores and cracks providing a permanent long life seal

These methods have proven to be highly successful for us in the control of groundwater seepage and have been used extensively on tunnels, infrastructures and various other concrete structures that we have been involved with.

Hydrophobic materials have the unique ability to be readily injected into leaking swimming pool walls where stress has created fine cracking to the pool shell walls, thus allowing water to leak or seep out. Problems at construction joints drain inlet and outlets are also from experience common and can lead to long term issues.

Leak sealing by pressure injection techniques can help resolve these problems.

By drilling a series of injection ports into the pool wall we can safely inject under pressure water-reactive acrylic or polyurethane resins into the source of the leak.

Lift pits are also particularly prone to groundwater leaks and through the use of specialist PU leak sealing foam we are able to help stop your leak fast.

Do you have a cracked leaking concrete basement, storage holding or spillage tanks, lift pits, subway, tunnel, manhole, car park, pipe ducts, joints, swimming pool, basement or other underground structures that are leaking – if you do we may be able to help sort it out – we are able to stop water fast using pressure injection techniques, tanking systems, waterproofing and other available specialist techniques.

  • Pressure injection and or grouting using flexible and rigid low viscosity resins.
  • Resin and sheet flexible joint seals.
  • Curtain enveloping of structures using resins.
  • Waterproofing liquid and sheet membranes externally and internally applied.
  • Balcony and decking waterproof membranes.
  • Construction of waterproof structural barriers and upstands.

It goes without saying that every leak sealing project presents different challenges and success is often only determined by the skill and expertise of the injection operative.

Churchill Concrete Technology have highly skilled and experienced operatives available to undertake all Leak Sealing to Concrete Structures, Please feel free to contact us for further advice.