Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings on RailingsProtective Coatings can save you money.

Despite the tough and durable nature of it, concrete remains susceptible to damage caused through atmospheric and environmental conditions. The application of high-quality anti carbonation coatings and or protective waterproof toppings is always an advisable approach to take.

For many years Churchill have been regarded as the number one choice for understanding which form of protection would work best for specific circumstances.

There is no one, universal form of protective coating that can be applied to every use of concrete. Consideration must be given to both the composition of the concrete in place, and the challenges or sources of damage it is likely to face during its use:

Considerations may range from:

  • Weather and waterproofing requirements – how much exposure will the concrete get to rain, flowing water and or temperature changes
  • General use – what objects, people or vehicles will be in regular contact with the concrete
  • Environment use – will nature and fungal elements cause any negative impact on the concrete

Analysis of the above factors should always be undertaken in order for us to ascertain the most appropriate and effective form of protective coatings to put in place. At Churchill we ensure these factors are reviewed in order to ensure that we are best placed to select the most appropriate protective coating for your given circumstances.