Some simple steps for effective surface preparation

Concrete surface preparation may seem like a simple operation to some, but take it from us professionals when we say that this isn’t the case. An exceptional amount of knowledge and training is required in order to tackle jobs like this properly. Thanks to our many years of experience, our team is able to complete any project to the highest standards and ensure that our client’s requirements are all fulfilled.

The most essential factor when covering concrete with an overlay is to prepare the surface in the proper way. By design, overlays are meant to adhere tenaciously to already existing substrates. To do this though, a solid, clean base must be available for them to attach to. It’s for this reason why you should never overlook the prep work or not do the job thoroughly, as they’re the most common causes of overlay delamination.

Basic steps towards surface preparation exist in order to make sure the job is done correctly. Cleaning the concrete will remove all substances that could inhibit the overlay’s ability to bond, including oil or dirt. Stripping away the coatings, paints and sealers that may have been applied to the concrete also helps immensely. To make sure they don’t mirror through the overlay, it’s best to fill any active cracks. Any cracking equal to or greater than the width of a credit card shall require repairs.

Utilising a machine which abrades the concrete mechanically, like a shot blaster or grinder for example, is one of the finest ways to prepare substrates for resurfacing. The machines not only remove unsound concrete and contaminants, but will leave behind a roughened surface profile too. This helps to improve the bond when the new coat is applied.

At Churchill Concrete Technology we have the necessary manpower and equipment to take on any surface preparation work. We always advise our clients to get the surfaces inspected by professionals prior to any work being done on them. This will determine exactly what services are needed to ensure they are prepared and make it possible to get a great finish.