Specialist refurbishment and structural restoration

Structural strengthening refers to upgrading the structural system of a building to improve performance under existing loads, or to increase the strength of the structural components. When it comes to the strengthening of a structural element or the removal of part of it, careful analysis of the deteriorated materials must be carried out to assess their influence on the overall behaviour of the structure. If sufficient assessment is not conducted, the elements that surround the affected area can become overstressed, leading to even bigger problems.

We offer a range of professional services including concrete repair, corrosion control, strengthening and survey and structural refurbishment. We are ready to take on even the most demanding and complex projects and we always offer our customers the most beneficial solutions. Concrete degradation is caused by various factors, and we have enough experience to identify the problem accurately. Our inspection process is rigorous, and regardless of the problem we can offer suitable repairs. When it comes to strengthening structures, the process typically involves adding high strength concrete and fibre reinforced fabrics to restore structural integrity. We focus on rectifying the degradation and preventing any further problems.

Patios, driveways and the foundations of all buildings are vulnerable to cracks. We can effectively treat these types of issues, whatever the structure. We provide every form of cosmetic and fully-load bearing repair, we can reinstate reinforced concrete and localised patch repairs as well as carry out mortar repairs. We can also supply wet and dry spraying to any area. When concrete is penetrated by aggressive elements it leads to corrosion and we deliver an effective corrosion control system to tackle every problem that arises.

We offer an excellent standard of workmanship and the finest advice, finding affordable and appropriate solutions for every customer. Corrosion control and structural strengthening are essential services to keep concrete structures safe, and we are the team you can rely on to carry the work out to the highest standard.