Superheated Steam Stone Cleaning Services

Our Superheated Steam Stone Cleaning Services use the latest technologies providing innovative cleaning and specialist restoration solutions.

Industrial stone cleaning processes are a specialist operation that should only be undertaken by experienced professionals in this area. The continued advancements in technique plus the technological development of equipment have resulted in a broader appeal throughout the construction sector. Controllable power washing using superheated steam rather than high-pressure cold-water jets impacting against the hard substrate can provide far greater longer-term benefit to the end-user.

In responding to our client’s needs we have invested in new, cutting edge Stone Cleaning equipment. This investment combined with our expert team has been providing new and improved services for all of our customers. This recent investment is an important and significant addition to our existing cleaning and surface preparation equipment, and we have been receiving great feedback.

Our new equipment produces an operator controllable stream of high-pressure superheated water and steam that will quickly and efficiently. This enables us to remove, in a safe and highly environmentally friendly manner, all types of graffiti, grime, moss, algae, fungi existing decorative and bituminous coatings, oil, and grease from all types of stonework, masonry, concrete, and metal profiled building façades.

The equipment operator has full control of the pressure and water temperature to enable exact and optimal sympathetic cleaning and surface preparation to differing façade substrates with accurate and targeted precision cleaning delivered through the latest technology ceramic nozzles.

The benefits of superheated steam stone cleaning

The advantages of using superheated steam to clean and prepare surfaces are that the microspores that allow algae and fungi to propagate are eliminated, leading in many cases to a one time clean. Additionally, the logistical problems associated with over-saturation to the façade substrate, large volumes of contaminated water runoff and or splashback of contaminated water and or traditional blast media rebound are all eliminated.

Our stone cleaning equipment will meet the most discerning of specification requirements and is highly portable and provides an extremely efficient and economical solution for any façade cleaning requirements that you may have.

Please feel free to contact us for any advice or to discuss your exact cleaning requirements.