Surveys to identify underlying problems

It is important to carry out thorough surveying of your concrete structures to determine any underlying problems. When structural issues are left untreated, the integrity and safety of your building become compromised. A comprehensive concrete survey is the only way to identify and rectify potential hazards. We provide a professional and trusted survey and testing service that is designed to define the current condition of your concrete structures.

We have been working with concrete for many years, and we have full understanding of construction methods and the properties of reinforced concrete. We understand the varied ways in which concrete deteriorates, and we use the very latest equipment to tackle the problems and carry out high quality repairs. We are renowned throughout the sector for our consistent performance and delivery of first class results.

Following a full visual inspection, we will carry out carbonation testing. Carbonation in concrete involves carbon dioxide reacting with alkaline materials present in the concrete and creating calcium carbonate. The alkalinity in concrete is important for the prevention of corrosion of the internal reinforced steel. Carbonation is typically the most common cause for any loss of alkalinity. Chloride ion testing is carried out to determine any contamination that may be present. Again, this is to protect the reinforced steel from corrosion.

Half cell potential testing is necessary if carbonation or penetration of the chloride ions has occurred. It is a non-destructive test that determines the condition of the passive protective film. We also offer safe and efficient breaking and removal of concrete. We comply fully with health and safety regulations, ensuring that every aspect of our work is executed with meticulous attention to detail.

We will thoroughly asses all areas of your structure, paying particular attention to low visibility locations such as basements and supporting walls. These areas can be particularly vulnerable and therefore need to be prioritised. All survey and testing will be carried out safely and swiftly, and all customers are presented with a clear report detailing the condition of the structural concrete. We will then carry out all required repair and removal work with minimal disruption. Concrete offers great strength and durability, but is not invulnerable to damage and decline. By using our survey and testing service, you can be sure of tackling problems before they escalate.