Sustainable Concrete Repair Mortars

Sustainable Concrete Repair Mortars now offer a reduced carbon footprint.

All sectors of the built environment and construction industry continue year on year to create working practices and initiatives that significantly improve the size of their carbon footprint and doing so help contribute greatly towards societies shared ambition of achieving global climate reduction.

Sika UK has recently launched a range of Sustainable Concrete Repair Mortars, They offer bagged concrete repair mortars that will help to contribute towards the construction sectors continued drive for the use of low impact concrete products.

The range of newly manufactured repair mortars have been developed with the meaningful ambition of achieving the highest performance standards that are coupled with realistic
lower application efforts that in turn produce achievable reductions in repair carbon
footprint and can lower the potential of residual crack behaviour whilst
providing even greater protection against CO2 ingress and continuing to provide the normal reliable excellent finishing capabilities.

The repair mortars have been developed to provide a higher long-term sustainable repair
solution using recycled materials within their manufacturing process resulting in the ability
to produce up to 70% less particle emission than similar more traditional pre-bagged high
build repair mortars.

Research has shown that in the correct environment up to 1.5kg of C02 per 25Kg of bagged
mortar can be saved by using the newly developed range of repair mortars.
Should you wish to use any of these products on any of your projects or require further details of the reduced carbon footprint repair mortars then please feel free to contact us