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New Year Greetings for 2021

New Year Greetings for 2021 from all the team at Churchill Concrete Technology.

As the new year begins, we would like to take this opportunity to send our very best wishes to everyone that we have carried out business with during the past year.

We know that 2020 was a very strange and difficult time for everyone and like you all we look forward to better times to come.

We remain alert to all current government guidelines and continue to do everything we can to keep our workforce and their families safe. Please view our Health and Safety 2021 documentation available HERE.

In line with government guidelines, we remain open for business, albeit at a reduced capacity, and shall continue to service all business requirements, so please do stay in touch with us if you have any concrete or structural repair requirements… but most all stay safe.

How To Repair Damaged Concrete

Concrete is known as one of the world’s most widely used durable construction products. It does, however, have its shortcomings and can unfortunately from time to time be susceptible to damage. So, how to repair damaged concrete? In most cases, it can be repaired, as long as you have the right skill set and technical know-how.

The repairs that are carried out to damaged concrete generally fall into two categories:

  • Damage arising out of Impact, overloading or fire damage.
  • Latent damage arising out of original design or construction deficiencies.

The recognised industry-wide standard for the repair of concrete is the British and European Standard BS EN 1504. This provides a set of valid working instruments that act as enablers to correctly identify defects and optimize resultant repair solutions. Here at Churchill Concrete Technology all our operatives are trained and experienced in the process and principles of BS EN 1504.

How To Repair Damaged Concrete? Let the experts help!

Once the cause of the damage to the concrete has been correctly identified, an accurate and appropriate repair solution can be readily worked up. A common, but false belief, that problems with damaged concrete can be resolved by removing the damaged areas and replacing with any type of repair mortar. This is not the case, defects should be carefully assessed by experts, and repair mortars carefully matched to the constituents of the original parent concrete.

The most common defect that causes damage to concrete that arises is the effects of Corrosion of Embedded Reinforcement. Corrosion to embedded reinforcing bars commonly occurs either as a result of Concrete Carbonation or through embedded, or induced, Chloride Attack.

When reinforcement steel is placed in concrete an iron-oxide protective film is created. This insulates the steel against the effects of oxygen and humidity and is formed around the steel. This occurs during the natural hydration process of the curing concrete. The protective film protects the embedded steel from corrosion. There are, however, factors that can seek to disrupt the protective layer around the reinforcing bar. These are commonly known as either ‘Concrete Carbonation’ or ‘Chloride Ion Attack’.

Factors that will allow the condition of the cast concrete to be disrupted by either Concrete Carbonation or Chloride Attack include:

  • Design shortfalls (cover and annotation of bar location),
  • Concrete mix specifications (water ratio content, aggregate selection)
  • Placing of concrete (compaction and curing)
  • Poor or perhaps even non-existent maintenance regimes following the initial installation of the original cast concrete.

Churchill Concrete Technology are here to help and advise on anything relating to how to Repair Damaged Concrete.

Only Use Specialist Concrete Repair Products

Concrete repair works should only be undertaken by skilled, trained and experienced operatives, who only use specialist concrete repair products.

There is a myriad of specialist products that are commonly used in connection with concrete repair works. The key to achieving long-lasting economic repair solutions is ensuring that the correct specialist concrete repair product is selected.

Concrete Repair Product Categories

It is the case that professional concrete repair products are generally found to be grouped into the following categories:

  • Specialist pre-bagged mortars and protective coatings
  • Specialist resins, liquids and chemicals
  • Hydrophobic barriers and membranes
  • Specialist anchors, ties and grouts
  • Joints sealants, fillers and bonding materials

How can Churchill Concrete Technology Help?

Here at Churchill Concrete Technology we only use specialist concrete repair products. We have long, established relationships with all the major leading specialist material manufacturers including Sika, Fosroc, Weber, and BASF. These products, combined with our up-to-date knowledge and in-house technical expertise, will ensure the success of your project. After all, Churchill is in the ideal position to provide all our clients with the best possible advice on the most appropriate concrete repair product selection.

Over the years, advances in the technology used in connection with the manufacturing processes of professional concrete repair products have meant that the range, choice and selection of the most appropriate concrete repair product to select can be a technically demanding task.

Whether the repair solution is traditional high build concrete repair, corrosion protection and control systems, waterproofing and leak sealing, surface preparation and specialist protective coatings, high volume free flow sprayed concrete repairs or structural strengthening, the expert team at Churchill Concrete Technology is here to help and waiting to hear from you.

COVID-19: Churchill Concrete Technology New Normal

COVID-19: Churchill Concrete Technology new normal in 2020. This year, the pandemic has affected industry across the board. However, now the national lockdown is easing, Churchill Concrete Technology the UK’s leading Concrete Repair Specialists have adapted to the ‘new normal‘ and are ready to get things moving again.

What is the ‘New Normal’?

So how has this unprecedented turn of events affected the concrete repair industry? Will, maintenance and repair of our existing structures continue, given the backdrop that the political and economic rhetoric is for new “build, build, build”?

Well, one thing is for sure, the use of concrete is here to stay. It will remain widely used across the built environment due to its highly durable, flexible, and relatively cheap nature. Whatever the application, the material performs well and satisfies a vast array of requirements.

Concrete is not indestructible, there will always be some flaws that start either during the construction process or induced by environmental factors. Consequently, it is of utmost importance that adequate repair and maintenance to structures continue.

Concrete Repair Specialists You Trust

The repair of concrete structures will remain a highly specialised field and only professionals in the field should carry out this work.

For over thirty years structural repairs have used the industry-standard BS EN 1504. The requirements of the standard are a specification and performance framework process that cover all aspects of sustainable long-term concrete repair.

Here at Churchill Concrete Technology, we specialise in maintaining concrete structures to the highest possible standard. Our team is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of concrete maintenance and repair.

We understand the severity of the current situation and the effort our clients have put in place to aid in slowing the pandemic. As such, we are matching that commitment level and taking all necessary steps and ensuring all guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Rest assured whether it be a concrete condition survey or a full concrete repair service that you are looking for, Churchills CT is fully COVIDE-19 compliant and ready to help and guide you.

Churchill Concrete Technology is a leading concrete repair specialist carrying out structural repair works throughout the UK.