Testing chlorine ion penetration in concrete

One of the main purposes of using concrete to create structures is the durable strength it offers. This means that they have the potential to stand for many decades. Whilst in most instances it can be trusted to do this, it’s important to have the certainty of knowing it shall do so. Our approach to concrete survey and testing work enables you to see a comprehensive gauge of whether or not this trust is correctly invested.

The greatest challenge posed to surveying and testing concrete is how to measure resistance to factors that shall only affect it over a considerable period of time. It is a challenge made all the greater by the fact that some of the major affecting factors will fluctuate and not impact in a consistent way. Perhaps the greatest examples of this are water and, in particular, chlorine ion penetration.

In evaluating how chlorine ion penetration will impact concrete the rather more standard forms of measurement are of little use. You need to understand how the ingress will impact over the course of anywhere between fifty and a hundred years, meaning there is little practical point in arranging a time measured testing system. The survey work must be carried out in a way that presents an accurate forecast of how the concrete will perform for a great many years, yet be completed in a fraction of that time.

We have the technology, the equipment, the expertise and the know-how in respect of how to achieve these survey and testing reports. Our work is carried out in accordance with the British Standards set for concrete testing. We also call on the knowledge made available by bodies such as ASTM International, an organization which has set out some quite remarkable and comprehensive insights into understanding – and addressing – chlorine ion penetration.

The concrete used in buildings and structures should provide safe, strong and reliable performance for many years. That we know it is capable of doing this does not mean it can be trusted or taken as a given that it by default will. Our comprehensive range of survey and testing work lets you understand how reliable your concrete is, and makes clear how we can be of service in making sure it meets the expected standards.