Testing the strength of structures

We carry out a range of survey and testing services, alongside concrete repair in the Channel Islands, to ensure concrete structures are not at risk from damage or corrosion. As concrete forms the very basis of many properties and structures such as bridges, it is important to ensure that it is stable and isn’t at risk from corroding or becoming damaged in any way. We perform these vital services to ensure that the integrity of every building that we test is upheld completely, preventing any risk of them succumbing to damage.

Concrete core removal allows us to test the compressive strength of the concrete and ensure that it is at a suitable level. We will perform all necessary prerequisites to ensure an accurate result, such as coring a specimen of suitable length and moisture conditioning the specimen. This allows us to accurately measure the compressive strength and ensure that your concrete is up to the required standard. We also perform chloride ion testing, which allows us to analyse the concentration of chloride ions in chloride-contaminated concrete. The presence of chloride ions usually means an increased likelihood of corrosion within the concrete.

Carbonation tests are used to measure the pH of the concrete, ensuring that the alkalinity of the concrete hasn’t been lost, thus preventing corrosion of the supporting steel structure of the concrete. The high alkalinity of concrete provides a protective barrier of sorts for the underlying concrete, but carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can reduce that significantly, thus putting the underlying steel at risk of corrosion. The risk of corrosion in the steel itself can be measured through half cell potential. We also perform standard visual inspections, thoroughly inspecting concrete to take in any areas of damage, wear or corrosion.

By performing professional tests on the concrete and on the underlying steel, we can ensure that the integrity of the structure is upheld. If problems are discovered, we are able to carry out comprehensive concrete repair in the Channel Islands and throughout the UK to rectify the issue.