The advantages of non-destructive surveys

Imagine if every time we experienced an illness, we were surgically opened up to determine the exact problem. In most cases, this would be unnecessarily intrusive and time consuming. Just as we rely on technology to make a medical diagnosis before deciding whether surgery is required, we also use appropriate technology to carry out our comprehensive survey and testing work on concrete structures.

We actually use similar technology to that used in medical diagnosis, and for similar reasons. When carrying out surveys, we use methods which are as non-destructive as possible. The Ferroscan system and X-Scan imaging products enable us to create a detailed 3D image of all elements of your structure, allowing us to identify the problem and determine how to fix it without first cutting into or breaking down the concrete.

The first and foremost advantage of our system is that it is fast and unobtrusive. More often than not, the concrete structures we work with are in frequent use, or are in a location where it would create significant inconvenience to close them down for testing. Our techniques keep disruption to an absolute minimum. When it’s clear that there are no evident health and safety issues, we have even been able to carry out our survey and testing work on buildings while people continue to use them as normal.

By creating an exact 3D imaging model of your concrete structure, we are able to ascertain exactly where the problems are and plan out how to address them before any actual work begins. One of the leading sources of delays and increased costs at concrete repair sites is the discovery of damage which was missed due to a sample based survey being carried out. Our system means that we are completely informed of all problems that need to be fixed, and will not be surprised by unexpected problems.

Our use of imaging technology means that we are able to provide a world class level of service to all clients. No matter where your building or concrete structure is located in the UK, we are able to carry out our unobtrusive site survey work, and support this with quality repairs and structural strengthening.