The dangers of concrete carbonation

While concrete is strong and durable, nothing lasts forever. Deterioration can leave the material in bad shape. Take advantage of the comprehensive survey and testing methods available to you. You can get peace of mind knowing what’s going on underneath.

When you contact people like us, you can know your concrete is still as great as it once was. If there are any issues, we can take measures to repair as well as strengthen the material.

Be wary of concrete decay

Outside of damage like fire and impact, concrete carbonation is a huge cause of decay. This process is not only common, but natural.

This degradation begins the second concrete comes into contact with carbon dioxide. The gas penetrates deep into the pores over time, causing flaws as a result.

The alkalinity of concrete protects it from the corrosion of the steel reinforcements. When concrete reacts to the air and moisture though, the chemical characteristics change. When carbonation occurs, the reduction of the alkalinity means it’s no longer safeguarded.

The consequence is a risk of failure. As time goes on the integrity becomes more compromised. Consequently, the possibility of failure and collapse keeps increasing.


You can take steps to prevent it. Carbonation depth testing your structure keeps you informed of what is happening. We can also apply a protective coating. This reduces the risk of the process occurring.

Along with carbonation depth testing, we also offer:

-Intrusive and Non-Intrusive Survey
-Laboratory Analysis
-UAS (Drone) Survey
-Chloride Ion/Cement Content Sampling
-Concrete Core Removal
-Half Cell Potential

In-depth testing helps us to look at your concrete and what we can do to help it stay in great condition. We have a range of methods and services to assist you. It makes sense to be aware of the state of your concrete. Don’t wait until it’s too late. You can help to prevent the likelihood of damage and structural failure.

Churchill Concrete Technology has over 30 years of experience. We’ve been a part of a variety of projects. When you want quality and assurance, come to us. Our various survey and testing methods allow us to look at the extent of any possible damage. Don’t take your concrete for granted.