The evolution of sunken concrete repair methods

When it comes to concrete repair, our company aims to give you a long-term solution rather than a simple short term fix. Concrete might be one of the toughest materials out there, but even it will wear and deteriorate over time. Therefore contingencies need to be put in place. Specialising in an array of repair techniques, we are the ones to call when wear becomes evident.

Previous sunken concrete repair methods have varied over the years. A wide array of materials including wood, steel, and cement have been pushed, turned, poured or somehow forced into the ground in an attempt to recover these slabs and foundations. Early on, anyone who did or didn’t undergo training became “professionals” at this kind of job. A lot of the time though, such strategies proved to be futile.

More beneficial remedies consist of considerable disruptions to businesses and families using the structure. Normally, it is preferred that settlement of monolithic foundations and building slabs in residential locales be rectified without the need to shift every appliance and piece of furniture and causing disturbances. With the technology and experts of today however, there are a myriad of highly successful options to counteract sunken concrete which produce little to no disruption.

Slabjacking and hydraulic jacking are the most common techniques used when dealing with repairs such as this. During slabjacking, gout is pumped underneath a beam or slab to create a lifting force, which restores the member to its correct elevation. In hydraulic jacking, you drive steel posts through unsteady soil with hydraulic jacks being utilised to either stabilise or raise concrete slabs affected by soil alterations.

At Churchill Concrete Technology we had the pleasure of working with a wide array of clients over the years. As part of this we have conducted concrete repair on some of Britain’s most well known structures. To repay this trust, we have given clients nothing less than our absolute best efforts whilst carrying out the jobs.

Should you require our help as well, get in touch with the team to arrange a consultation. We are confident we can find the perfect service to accomplish your concrete repair needs.