The importance of mortar joint maintenance

Brick is a common building material because it is cost effective, durable and aesthetically pleasing. It is also easy to maintain, requiring very little in terms of cleaning. However, the mortar joints between bricks do need to be properly maintained to maintain the integrity of structures. This material is the weakest point of the structure and will become worn and eroded over time. Repairs and replacements may be required periodically depending on the location and the climate.

Mortar joints will always wear faster in places where water can soak them, such as around downspouts, at ground level where pooling occurs, and under windows. These are the places that need to be checked the most frequently. Joints at corners also need to be monitored carefully. The fact that more of the joint will be exposed means that wear can be accelerated.

Fortunately damaged mortar joints can be repaired, a process known as repointing. The technique involves removing the old, damaged material so it can be replaced with fresh mortar that will set to leave a solid, durable wall. Repointing will also improve the aesthetics of the surface, especially when the mortar is smoothed down with care to leave an even, well presented joint.

When mortar is being repointed, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of joint being used. There are typically four choices: raked, V, flush and concave. Each one is aesthetically unique and will offer different levels of protection. The kind of joint used will also have an effect on future maintenance plans.

At Churchill Concrete Technology we are committed to providing the highest quality brick and masonry repairs, working on a wide variety of different properties. We can tackle both large and small projects and will deliver a quality finish each time, including matching the new mortar and joints to the existing ones so the section does not stand out. We also specialise in the application of sprayed concrete. If you would like advice about maintaining mortar or want to arrange a professional repair or replacement, please contact us.