Understanding where weakness truly lies

There have been countless advances in technology there’s no mistake about that. However, none of them have even come close to making concrete, one of the toughest substances on the planet, invincible. As such, joint sealing and waterproofing remain a vital aspect within the construction industry. Specialising in providing these services, we are the people to rely on if you believe your concrete structure is compromised.

The crucial thing to keep in mind is that the weakest part of a structure is the joints. These are the locations where moisture or contaminants could penetrate the deepest and cause the most issues. As a result additional car is needed to protect each joint, keeping it properly sealed and watertight.

Simply covering up degraded concrete, structural damage and the results of chemical spillages is a terrible idea, not only being a considerable risk, but also a potential future liability. Instead of doing this all joints should be inspected carefully to determine the full extent of the damage. That way a proper repair can be done.

Any defects or damage present, or anything that’s to be unseen in the future, must be made into a sound state. Firstly all weakened or damaged materials should be removed from the joint. These need to be replaced with new, durable ones. Furthermore, it’s critical that the exact nature and origin of the cracks or any ruined joints, as well as their ability for future movement, be studied and dealt with appropriately.

At Churchill Concrete Technology we pay special attention to joints when called on due to their status as the naturally weakest section of a structure. Before we conduct and repairs or provide defensive measures such as joint sealing and waterproofing, we prefer to get an understanding of your building and its materials first, so that we can offer you the best possible solution.

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