Using shotcrete for concrete repairs and construction

Over the course of its life, concrete can become damaged in various different ways. Cracks can appear and chips can be taken out of the concrete itself. When this kind of damage appears, the concrete needs to be repaired as swiftly as possible in order to prevent further damage from occurring and putting the integrity of the structure at severe risk. Shotcrete is often used to make repairs which are needed over a wider area than usual, and is also used extensively in construction projects where a large amount of concrete needs to be administered in a short amount of time. We can offer our expert services to you when you require shotcrete to be administered at your site.

Shotcrete utilises pre-prepared concrete which is sprayed through a nozzle using compressed air to apply it to the relevant surface. The force with which it is applied, as well as the method of application, allows it to cover large areas quickly. Shotcrete can be applied much more easily than placing large concrete slabs, and can be used to complete quick repairs. Where a large area of damage is visible, the application of shotcrete can be used to touch up the concrete and prevent further damage from occurring.

Shotcrete offers a number of benefits: for one, it’s incredibly quick and is easy to apply. Though specialist equipment is required to apply it, it doesn’t need the large amount of specialist equipment that concrete blocks would. Shotcrete also produces less rebound, meaning that less waste is produced during the application process which makes it a lot more efficient. The mixture itself is generally ready to use in an instant and doesn’t need to be mixed on site, making for a swift application without the need to wait for the mixture to be mixed.

When it comes to sprayed concrete, our team can take care of all of your needs with ease. Whatever your requirements are, we will ensure that all shotcrete applied is done so to the best possible standards, providing you with excellent results. Regardless of whether you’re using our services for repairs or on a construction site, we will do all that we can to provide you with a sprayed concrete service that is simply unbeatable.