Wet and dry sprayed concrete

Over time, concrete can become damaged, requiring extensive repairs. Due to large buildings utilising concrete as their construction medium, applying concrete for a repair could be a difficult task, especially if the damage has occurred at height. When this happens, however, construction workers can benefit from sprayed concrete for fast and relatively simple repairs. Available as either a wet or dry mix, it can turn a complex repair job into one that is relatively simple and easy to complete. We specialise in the usage of sprayed concrete, as well as carrying out survey and testing services which allow us to determine exactly which type of repair needs to be completed.

Dry spray concrete is generally referred as gunite, while wet spray concrete is referred to as shotcrete.  Sprayed concrete is, in some ways, superior to conventional concrete. It can be applied far easier than conventional concrete and has quite a high strength. It also has low permeability and high durability, meaning that it can withstand inclement weather with ease. The low water and cement ratio means that it can be applied quickly and is at little risk of freezing in colder weather, while good adhesion and bond rates means that it will stick quicker to a structure than ordinary concrete. Both types of concrete hold these advantages, though shotcrete has the additional advantages of less waste produced during operation and the ability to spray larger volumes in a shorter time for a swifter repair operation.

Sprayed concrete can operate at height without the need for specialist structures such as concrete or specialist vehicles such as MAWPs. It can also cover large volume areas in minimal time. Both wet and dry processes are incredibly useful, especially where an extensive repair operation is required, and our team can perform concrete spraying onto any structure and for any purpose. Both methods of spraying concrete will serve you well and it turns an extensive repair operation into one that can be carried out in very little time.

As a family owned business that takes pride in everything that is asked of us, you can be assured of a satisfactory service when you use our company to carry out repairs. Offering advice and high quality survey and testing services, you can be fully assured that we offer high quality repairs and a highly attentive service designed to complete all tasks quickly and to a satisfactory degree.