What are some of the more common masonry problems?

As experts when it comes to everything to do with concrete, we aim to provide our clients with a host of cost effective and long-term repair solutions. Structural refurbishment is also included in our talent pool, with brick and masonry repairs being a particular favourite amongst our customers. Going to great lengths to not only ensure that the structure remains sound, but also that the designs are as they should be, our team is the one you can depend on.

There are many common masonry issues that exist in our world and one of them happens to be mouldy brickwork. This problem typically comes about as the result of penetrating damp, which has found its way into the exterior surfaces. If left unattended, despite the level of redecoration, mould can grow onto the masonry.

Efflorescence is something else that you should be on the lookout for. New stonework or brickwork is best left alone for roughly three months before any kind of treatment is used. During this period, a substance that looks like a white powder can seep out of your bricks, cement or stone. This is occurring as the result of the salts within the materials being dissolved by water. Should efflorescence transpire on older brickwork, then this is usually a sign of excessive moisture levels.

Generally caused by structural movements, cracked bricks are commonly associated with older homes. Two primary kinds of vertical cracking exist in masonry. Steeped cracks are the first and they follow mortar joints in a zigzag like fashion. The second kind of crack is those ones that run down straight.

At Churchill Concrete Technology, we prefer to get an understanding of the main cause of your problems in order to come up with the most fruitful solution. This way, we will come to know the scale of the damage, helping us decide whether a replacement or a repair is necessary.

If you believe our services to be required, get in touch with our team. We are confident you won’t find a better provider of brick and masonry repairs.