What type of surveying can be done on concrete?

With over 15 years of experience in being a contractor for repairing and managing concrete for blue chip clients, it is no wonder we have such an established reputation. We always work to support our clients and help them to build their knowledge. It is particularly important to understand why it is necessary to have periodic concrete survey and testing.

To determine the full extent of concrete damage, it is wise to carry out the correct surveying and testing. The reasons for the material deteriorating can be to do with salty air or pollutants in towns and cities. Sadly some form of corrosion is unavoidable. Carbonisation and chlorides aren’t visible until the concrete appears to have cracks or spalling, and this can sometimes take years to be visual. A survey can spot signs earlier though.

Churchill’s concrete survey and testing services will reveal the state of the material, and help to determine the type of repair that is required. The survey could include the following, depending on the condition and structure of the concrete:
– Hammer testing – this test identifies where there are spalled or hollow areas in the concrete. The sound difference determines if there is a problem.
– Visual inspection – this is a flexible form of testing that provides an immediate assessment of the concrete’s condition. However this is dependent on the experience of the survey team. Churchill have highly qualified specialists with the expertise to produce accurate results.
– Carbonation – this test uses a solution which indicates levels of alkalinity which starts the corrosion process. The solution, called Phenolphthalein, goes pink when sprayed if the alkaline level is too high.
– Breakages – testing to see if the area of concrete has parts which have broken away.
– Concrete cover – this survey identifies the depths of concrete cover until the steel. This helps determine the risk of corrosion.
– Analysis of chloride – this test requires the collection of dust samples to detect the presence of chloride.

Churchill proudly offers these concrete survey and testing services, whether your project is small or large. If you require any more information, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.