Why protective coatings are sometimes necessary

Churchill Concrete Technology delivers a diverse service spanning all things concrete. Services such as protective coatings, repair, and corrosion control, are all available. With over 15 years of experience contracting with many well established clients throughout the UK, you can’t deny that coming to us for guidance would be a good idea.

One of the services we are well known for providing is protective coating solutions. These coatings ensure that the life span of the concrete laid down is much longer, saving you money. Erosion can occur in the material fairly easily, so it’s important that the right coating is put in place. Steps that determine which option is the right one are measured by what kind of weather is experienced, what will be used on the concrete (such as people walking), and the type of natural environment.

With the amount of experience we’ve accumulated over the years, it’s probably best that you take our advice if we say that additional protection is necessary. The types of coating that we use on concrete are; anti carbonation, chloride resistant, decorative, and structural steel coatings.

Each different type mentioned above is evidently used for different reasons. For example, anti carbonation and chloride resistant coatings are for preventing the weathering of concrete and other materials. They are also good for resisting UV rays too, which can be quite damaging. This is why measures must be taken into consideration, particularly when determining what coating should be used on concrete.

The techniques that are used to lay these coatings down can be quite extensive. Therefore it is important that you get the right team for the job. Churchill Concrete Technology can provide you with all the advice, and information you need in guaranteeing that you get the best life out of your materials!

This was just a short overview as to why protective coatings are sometimes necessary when it comes to the finishing touches. For the best service and advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.